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I thank my stars that I encountered Ronit LeMon when I did! I was feeling resentful at work, didn't believe in my own skills, and was afraid to speak up for myself and advocate for my needs. Ronit helped me transform that.


She is the most gifted, generous, warm, wise, astute coach I have ever encountered. She meets me where I am, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. She has supported me during my personal and professional struggles and reminded me to celebrate my triumphs. Ronit holds a clear mirror to my life, helps me see myself clearly, and then assists me in taking the next steps that are needed to manifest my dreams.


She holds me accountable for my own future, and cheers me on as I overcome my fears to make the needed changes.


Thanks to my time working with Ronit, I am happier, healthier, and richer than ever before. I am living my dream of being a professional artist and educator and am owning my unique expertise. I have a clear vision for my future; I have manifested financial abundance in my life; and my relationships with others have improved and deepened.


I have recommended Ronit to several friends, all of whom have been blown away by her skills as a life coach. Thank you, Ronit, for all that you do!


--Radhika Rao, Theatre Artist,Voice Actor, Curriculum Developer,Arts Education Specialist

Ronit worked with me on getting past some obstacles so that I could launch my own business. She is deeply intuitive and has an amazing knack for asking exactly the right question at the right moment, whether she's focusing my attention on nuts-and-bolts practicalities or asking me to unpack my attitudes and assumptions so that I can examine them, learn from them, and clear them out of my way.


After talking with her, I feel that I can do just about anything. I have no hesitation in recommending her.


--Elizabeth Bales-Stutes, Teacher at Palo Alto Adult School

Ronit has tremendous ability to help you find the right life path.


She takes her educational and life knowledge and blends them together expertly. Her enthusiasm is contagious and I wholeheartedly recommend her.


--Yvonne Ryzak, Local Government Lobbyist at Ryzak and Associates



Ronit has changed my life for the better.


Her insightful, intelligent, sensitive and non-judgmental coaching has made all the difference. I've recommended her to many of my friends and colleagues, and they have experienced the same kind of positive results.


I'm truly a better, happier and more successful person because of Ronit.


--Kathryn Fox Ma, Owner of Brava! Fashions


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