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Ah, mentoring…10 hours are required by the International Coach Federation to certify and to renew your certification….and it would be so easy to just go through the motions and check off that requirement...

And what if you didn't?


What if you joined a group that focused on deep listening, intuition, warmth, and mad coaching skills…all wrapped up in humor, non-judgment and clear actionable feedback?


Well, that’s what you get when you join one of my mentor groups! Yes, of course, we focus on the skills you need to certify for your program and for the ICF…and also what you need to build your own practice and do what I call ‘Feral Coaching’—coaching in the wild.


Ok, right about now I am soooooo aware that I don’t like listing achievements, education, accolades…I’ll just say that I am an MCC and worked with hundreds of coaches and I will let some of my mentees speak for me:


"Ronit is uniquely gifted as a coaching mentor. As a mentor, she naturally and elegantly infuses compassion and kindness into her strength and wisdom.  She will directly speak to and encourage one's strengths, while also never backing away from an opportunity to point out areas that could use improvement. Any coach seriously interested in a tremendous leap in their skillset should consider hiring Ronit as a mentor."—Patrick Johnson, CHPC

“Choosing Ronit to be my mentor was a no-brainer. I have enjoyed Ronit being both my instructor and mentor and now as my own personal life coach. Ronit is incredible at what she does. She is knowledgeable, thoughtful, and considerate in guiding you as a mentor. She asks deep questions and allows you to see where you can grow as a coach. Ronit listens carefully and provides a safe space for one to make mistakes and to try new things. The mentor groups she provides are fun and filled with various learning opportunities. She creates a safe space for us to practice in front of the group to see what worked and could be done differently. Ronit's evaluations are always filled with your strengths as a coach and questions for the areas where you could improve. I'm forever grateful for Ronit's guidance as a mentor and as my coach.”--Penny Berman, Life Coach ACC


Upcoming offerings 2024:


Sept 26

Oct 3, 10, 17, 24

7pm-8.30pm Eastern/4pm-5.30 am Pacific/5pm-7.30pm Mountain

Individual sessions set up over the next 3 months






DO you want to do mentoring in-person in our CT home? Reach out and we will set it up! We will do the 7 group hours here and then the 3 individual sessions online over three months to meet the ICF requirement. 

$1100--bring a friend and get a discount!

If you are renewing your ICF Credential, YOU GET 10 CEUS FROM YOUR MENTORING AS WELL! A delightful double-dip!






Did you know that you can get 10 Core Units for your ICF Certification renewal from Supervision? Supervision is “a collaborative learning practice to continually build the capacity of the coach through reflective dialogue for the benefit of both coaches and clients.”


Basically, you bring your questions, case studies and concerns and we discuss together, collaborating on how you will better your practice, business and personal growth…sounds yummy to me!


We will meet for 10 hour-long sessions in a group, you will bring your questions, I’ll share my experience from over 30 years of coaching, consulting, teaching and facilitating…and we will co-create HW that will move you forward. I may even have a guest Coach facilitating with me for another perspective!

If coaches do not bring a case study, we will also cover topics like building our business, marketing from the heart, using intuition in your coaching, breathwork and coaching, dreamwork, divination...and anything else you wish to bring!

Each Supervision session counts as 1 core unit. You can purchase the series for 10 units or individual sessions as needed. 

10 sessions: $1000 each with 2 participants

1 session: $100 each with 2 participants

Contact me to create your own bespoke group or to get one-on-one supervision.

Want Mentoring and Supervision? I am happy to give you 10% off if you sign up for both!

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