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About Ronit+Matt


Ronit is a deep diver, practical dreamer and compassionate guide who meets you where you are at and partners with you to walk shoulder to shoulder into the life you dream of. She uses all her experience as a teacher, mother, spiritual seeker, and woman in this world to weave a loving, safe space in which you can flourish…and go forth and make the changes you are longing to make. With her easy-going style and warmth, she creates a space where you can exhale, and look at those dark and dusty corners, those underworld caves, that need to be seen clearly to move forward.


Sometimes funny, usually irreverent, often direct, Ronit co-creates practical homework from every session, no matter the topic. EVERY conversation is actionable—whether it’s about how to BE or what to DO. Often the HW comes from intuition and inspiration—on both Ronit’s and the client’s part—and can involve whatever esoteric practices the client is interested in.

Here are Ronit’s stats in case you want them (because they are important too!):

BA in Political Science, UCLA; MA in Teaching Writing and MA in Literature, Humboldt State University, Master Certified Coach, International Coach Federation.

She is the mother of an amazing 18-year-old son, grew up in Los Angeles and Tel Aviv, adores singing, especially Stevie Nicks songs, and can usually be found drumming in the woods surrounding Matt+Ronit’s CT home. Want more? Here is Ronit’s LinkedIn.






Matthew is a go-getter, emotional spelunker and biohacker truly dedicated to helping others achieve what they dream of. He comes from a full life—as a father, corporate executive, world traveler and knowledge seeker. He comes to coaching from his own experience of needing to find answers to his health concerns, which sent him in the direction of getting certified by the Human Potential Institute and down the BreathWork path with his certification by Oxygen Advantage. Once he arrived, he literally fell into the body and discovered the embodied inner wisdom that surfaces in stillness…and he is so adept at creating the space for the client to hear this for themselves.


Ever grounded and with a quirky sense of humor, Matt provides fertile space to think, discuss and, most importantly, feel. He intertwines his intuition with his wide experience, braiding it with the client’s own often unconscious knowledge to bring forth plans, actions, new perspectives, and ways of being. The best things about Matt are his warmth and non-judgment, which coaxes the client’s true self out of hiding, even out of the Shadow.


And here are Matt’s stats:

BA in Latin American Studies, UConn; Certified Oxygen Advantage Coach, Oxygen Advantage; Certified Human Potential Coach, Human Potential Institute; Associate Certified Coach, International Coach Federation.

Matt is the father of 4 amazing adult humans, still lives where he grew up after traveling the world, loves cycling with his buddies all over New England, and is often found in the cold waters of the Farmington River, chanting and breathing and on the lookout for eagles. Want more? Here is Matt’s LinkedIn.


Ronit+Matt’s deep work has led them to partner—both as life partners and business partners—and together they weave their magic through mentoring, retreats, workshops, guiding and ceremonies. Their work together is evocative, transformative, authentic…and incredible yummy. Come join them!

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