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Marriage Coaching + Officiating


Yay! You're getting married!


We're so excited for you and here, at Sun+Moon we like to do all things with intention so we’ve designed a marriage coaching package to guide and support you as you lay the foundation for a strong, resilient, and fulfilling union. With warm and compassionate questions,  practical tools, and deep-diving exercises we will help you prepare, develop a shared vision, and go forth with clarity and purpose. 


Each offering is individual, meaning you can choose from the menu below to build your own package. When you bundle, you get 10% off. If you purchase the whol package, yo get 

Before we begin:

In order to determine if this is a good fit for all of us, we will hold a 30-minute chemistry session on Zoom...and, of course, this session will end with homework--designed to get you thinking and feeling into what marriage means to you, what limiting beliefs and unhelpful stories might be lurking, and what you dream of for your union. We will send you some recordings and exercises/prompts to begin the process. 


Coaching before the Wedding ($2500):

Each of you will have 4 individual sessions with either Ronit or Matt, and 4 joint sessions, all on zoom. (Total of 12)


Retreat ($900)

A weekend Transpersonal BreathWork retreat here in Collinsville, CT to address what lurks under the surface and to develop a deep bond around this shared transformational experience.


Ceremony Day: ($2500)

We are happy to attend the day of the ceremony to help you navigate with meditation, breathwork and supportive exercises for you and your wedding party. Ronit is an ordained minister and can also officiate!

Key areas covered in the coaching:

  • Effective communication techniques to express your needs, desires, and concerns.

  • Conflict resolution strategies to navigate differences and maintain harmony.

  • Active listening and empathy exercises to foster understanding and connection.

  • Establish shared values, goals, and aspirations for your marriage.

  • Creating rituals and traditions to strengthen your bond

  • Deepen emotional intimacy through vulnerability and trust-building exercises.

  • Nurture romance, passion, and friendship in your relationship.

  • Develop strategies to navigate life's challenges as a united team.

  • Guidance on managing wedding stress and expectations.

  • Collaborative decision-making for a memorable and meaningful wedding.

  • Tips for involving families and managing different perspectives.

Post-Marriage Support ($400)
2 joint follow-up coaching sessions to address any post-wedding challenges or adjustments. Crafting a blueprint for marriage from this place.


$6,300 if purchased separately

$6,000 if purchased as a package


Payment plans available because we are all in this together. Contact us for more info. 

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